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Respiratory Health

CINCH began working on respiratory health with the Allies Against Asthma project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2001.  This five year project included asthma education for children with asthma; training for healthcare providers; and home visiting programs to improve asthma management.  CINCH also developed a comprehensive Asthma Action Plan that was adopted by the Virginia Department of Education to help schools better manage children with asthma.  

Education and awareness is a critical part of good respiratory health; therefore, CINCH continually works to educate parents; those who work with children; and others by providing programs and resources on respiratory health. 

Current Projects



 Take the #757SmokeFreeRide policy pledge & share the message to protect children in our community from secondhand smoke.




We commit to riding in smoke & vapor free cars only. This includes both traditional lit tobacco smoking and use of vaping devices.  Both forms leave residue on car surfaces & on fabrics that are harmful to children. This means we will not allow our children to ride in a car that has been smoked or vaped in, at ANY time, as even this is dangerous. We will commit to making sure adults that do smoke or vape don’t ever use these products in the car whether children are present or not.


Take the #757SmokeFreeRide Pledge!



PRINT, SIGN, & SHARE the #757SmokeFreeRide Message!


PRINT the pledge certificate:


#757SmokeFreeRide Pledge Certificate (Adults)


#757SmokeFreeRide Pledge Certificate (Children & Teens)


    SIGN and name your role in the community. Example: mother, father, grandmother, teacher, student, etc.


SHARE, take a Selfie with your signed pledge certificate & post to your social media with the hashtag '#757SmokeFreeRide'









American Academy of Pediatrics: What Are E-Cigarettes?

March of Dimes: E-Cigarettes & Pregnancy




CDC Smoking & Tobacco Use: Secondhand Smoke

CDC Secondhand Smoke Fact Sheet

Secondhand Smoke, Kids & Cars Research Fact Sheet. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Health Harms from Secondhand Smoke. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids




Dangers of Thirdhand Smoke, a Threat to Child Health. American Academy of Pediatrics




Quit Now VA: 1-800-QUIT-NOW / 1-800-784-8669



For more information contact CINCH@evms.edu.



Smoke-free Public Housing

Smoke-free Housing Leadership Forum 2016, Presentations



Smoke-free Multifamily Housing Toolkits, HUD

Smoke-free Affordable Housing Made Easy, Seattle King County

Tobacco-free Housing, City of Austin



Seattle Housing Authority, Seattle, WA: 5,300 family housing units, 36 communities, Large and small apartment buildings; multi and single family housing

Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Portsmouth, VA: 1379 family housing units, 10 communities, Multifamily housing

The Lansing Housing Commission, Lansing, MI: 834 family housing units, 5 communities, Multifamily housing and large apartment building


NOTE: Additional examples are available online and through individual housing authority websites.


Taking A Stand With the American Lung Association

We recognize there are environmental factors that contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems; therefore, CINCH has also been a strong advocate for non-smoking and other related environmental policies to protect children from the harmful effects of environmental pollution. CINCH recently teamed up with the American Lung Association and the Virginia Asthma Coalition to release a joint statement in opposition to the proposed Cypress Creek coal-fired plant, which would be located in Surry County, VA.  

Asthma & Allergy School Nurse Expert Program

Launched in 2009, the Asthma & Allergy School Nurse Expert program - also called A2 - is designed to ensure that each school system has a nurse who is a certified asthma educator and asthma/allergy expert "in house".  Nurses received ongoing education and training support on a variety of respiratory health topics, as well as, tools  they can use in their schools to help manage asthma.  Respiratory healthcare professionals from the workgroup helped to develop and provide training and resources for this program. 

Current A2 nurses: Click here for access to recorded trainings.

For more information on the A2 program, contact Amy Paulson at CINCH@evms.edu.

Helpful Websites & Links

For Kids - Parents are welcomed too!

For Parents

For Healthcare Providers


Visit our Resources page for more information on other respiratory health topics.

What's Happening

Obesity Prevention Workgroup
Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm

Respiratory Health Workgroup
Meets the third Wednesday of each month from 9-10:30 am

Healthy Start/Healthy Families Workgroup
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