Engaging the community to improve

children's health in Hampton Roads

Our Initiatives

For nearly two decades, CINCH has developed and implemented successful community health initiatives, which have included: education and training; advocacy for policy, systems and environmental change; and managing several projects related to specific children's health topics.  

Currently, our projects are focused on these selected key health issues:

We occasionally develop and manage comprehensive projects that cover multiple health topics such as Healthy Portsmouth and Pinch of Prevention.  You can read more about these special projects below.

Healthy Portsmouth


As a result of a collaborative grant submitted successfully by CINCH and selected leaders in Portsmouth, the City of Portsmouth was designated to be a national ACHIEVE community in 2010. This grant was the catalyst for creating Healthy Portsmouth - a city-wide health and wellness initiative - led by community leaders committed to promoting change through partnership-building and policy-making to make Portsmouth the healthiest place to live, work, play and worship. 

After completing an initial assessment in 2010 of the policies, systems and environments in the school system; the community-at-large; selected businesses, healthcare and community organizations, the leadership team developed a community action plan that outlines the five areas which Healthy Portsmouth would focus on including:

  • Increasing "walkability" (i.e. improving the walking environment) in neighborhoods
  • Supporting children's health and wellness where they live, learn and play 
  • Decreasing tobacco smoke exposure in public spaces
  • Promoting breastfeeding friendly policies and places
  • Increasing awareness of healthy activities and resources through a comprehensive multimedia campaign

For more information on this dynamic initiative, visit the Healthy Portsmouth website at:  http://www.healthyportsmouthva.org/

Action Communities for Health, Innovation and Environmental Change (ACHIEVE) is funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Healthy Communities Program in collaboration with the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. 

Pinch of Prevention

A Pinch of Prevention is designed especially for PTAs, churches and other community organizations serving children and families.  It is a quick and easy way for a PTA president, parent or community leader to present action-oriented health and safety messages to a captive audience such as at a PTA or regular community meeting.  This resource is a series of modules on various health topics that each include: 

  • a short 5-7 min. pre-scripted PowerPoint presentation
  • newsletter article
  • list of resources
  • handouts and flyers you can give to meeting attendees

 Topics include:

  • 54321 - Countdown to Family Fitness
  • Asthma - Take Action!
  • Booster Seat vs. Seat Belt
  • Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs
  • Influenza

This is a free resource, and you can visit our Resource page to view and download the Pinch of Prevention materials by topic.

What's Happening

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September 19, 2018
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October 17, 2018
Respiratory Health Workgroup meeting


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