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children's health in Hampton Roads


CINCH is working to promote and support breastfeeding in Hampton Roads through the Healthy Start/Healthy Families Workgroup and various community initiatives.

Current Projects



Building a supportive community for human milk feeding in Hampton Roads through collaboration, education and advocacy.



Join us for National Breastfeeding Month 2021! Click the image below to view the full calendar of events. 

Back to Work Toolkit

The Back to Work Toolkit is a resource that makes it easier for pregnant or breastfeeding moms to continue breastfeeding after returning to work or school. The toolkit contains useful information such as breastfeeding mothers' rights, laws regulating breastfeeding support in the workplace, and creative ways to make breastfeeding work in non-traditional work environments. For more information about the breastfeeding laws in Virginia, click here.

Click here to download the Back to Work Toolkit!


Hampton Roads Breastfeeding Education and Advocacy Team


To address the numerous breastfeeding-related incidents in the Hampton Roads community, CINCH has developed a regional breastfeeding advocacy group called the Hampton Roads Breastfeeding Education and Advocacy Team (HR-BEAT) to effectively address the concerns through training and education that promotes breastfeeding friendly environments and workplaces. We are looking for passionate mothers, lawyers, healthcare workers, and other interested community members to help address breastfeeding-related incidents in the community.

If you are interested in joining HR-BEAT or want more information, please contact Laurie McManama at (757) 446-6039 or email, CINCH@evms.edu 


Report a Breastfeeding Incident

The Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH) is dedicated to protecting the rights of breastfeeding mothers. If you know of an incident related to a woman's right to breastfeed, please report the incident to CINCH. A member of the CINCH Hampton Roads Breastfeeding Education and Advocacy Team (HR-BEAT) will contact you and work towards a resolution. 

Report an incident here 


Breastfeeding Trainings

Know Your Rights: A Training on Breastfeeding Workers & The Law | June 11, 2019 

Jessica Lee, staff attorney for the Center for Worklife Law, leads us through a training on breastfeeding rights. The Consortium for Infant and Child Health also debuts its new Back to Work Toolkit, a resource to support breastfeeding moms going back to work or school.

Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project

The Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project is focused on increasing awareness & public acceptance of nursing as normal by engaging area businesses, museums, and public venues to pledge support & put up signage welcoming breastfeeding in their establishment.  

By partnering with local businesses, the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project encourages new & future moms to feel more comfortable nursing in public places. Please review the materials for more information and how to get involved if you are a breastfeeding advocate or a business that is willing to support breastfeeding moms & babies.  

Please click on the following links to view & download Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project materials:

Become an Advocate!

Become a Breastfeeding Welcome Here Business!

 For more information on the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project contact Laurie McManama (757) 446-6039 or email, CINCH@evms.edu 

 Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care 

Because breastfeeding provides the healthiest start for babies, providing ideal nutrition and a multitude of health benefits for both infant and mother, it is important for child care providers to support and encourage breastfeeding. We want to ensure that all breastfeeding families have the support they need to continue breastfeeding while their children attend child care centers.


Breastfeeding Making it Work

Infant Feeding for All Families

Infant Feeding Plan for Child Care Centers 

Feeding Your Child Brochure

Our Center Supports Breastfeeding Brochure



Sample Child Care Center Breastfeeding Policy

Books and Toys that Support Breastfeeding

Supporting Breastfeeding Employees



Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Center Self-Inventory

Ten Steps to Having a Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Center


 For more information on the Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Project contact Laurie McManama (757) 446-6039 or email, CINCH@evms.edu    

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Healthy Start/Healthy Families Workgroup
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